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Keep track of your expenses and incomes from your computer.
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Debit & Credit is a desktop utility that provides you with a simple and quick way to keep track of your incomes and expenses. By using this type of programs, you can easily figure out how well you're spending your cash and look for solutions to save money.

The tool's interface is nicely designed and straightforward. You just need to enter a couple of details about your bank account (not private ones), such as the current balance. Then, all you need to do is to add transaction items. The program will automatically calculate your balance as soon as you make a modification and back up the stored records. In addition, you can sync the data across your iCloud account and check your financial data directly from your iPhone.

Another advantage is the fact that you can schedule transactions and get access to detailed statistics based on the stored information.

Only 2 things bother me about this tool: it supports only 2 output formats when exporting the stored information and the fact that you need to upgrade it to its Premium edition to monitor more than 2 bank accounts.

Considering there aren't many Mac tools that help you manage your expenses and incomes at reasonable prices and provide you with multiple features, Debit & Credit is definitely a utility that is worth a try. It works flawlessly and brings you many advantages.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Provides you with useful tips
  • Automatically calculates balance and backs up the stored info
  • You can sync the stored info across your iCloud account
  • Comes with a search tool


  • Supports only 2 output formats when exporting the stored info
  • You need to upgrade the tool to its Premium version to manage more than 2 accounts
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