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Free SolEol is a great app for users who download subtitles.
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SolEol is a great app for users who download subtitles. If you have ever downloaded a subtitle, you probably know how frustrating it can be when you can't find the right subtitle or when the subtitle that you downloaded doesn't work for your movie. It is also a time-consuming task. Lets say you download your subtitles from Open Subtitles. Then you have to launch your browser, head to Open Subtitles, start a search, find the right result, download the file, unpack it and rename it for your movie or TV show. Well, with SolEol, you don't have to do any of that. You can simply drag and drop your video file to the application, and SolEol will find the subtitle for you. It will show you all the relevant results and you can download any of them. The downloaded subtitle will be unpacked, placed in the same folders as your video folder and renamed to match the movie file name. But things get better. From the Preferences window, you can configure the application to do this automatically (with no user input) when you drag a file. It can even rename movie files, assign a name to the subtitle based on the language of the subtitle, and more.

In my testing, I was able to quickly download subtitles for different movies and TV shows. Everything worked like a charm.

SolEol is a great free application. You can and should donate to the developer for making your life easier with this app.

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