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Listen to online radio stations and record audio streamings.
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Insert URLs and import your favorite radio stations or listen to default ones. Choose a radio in the Genre or Country category. Browse the Top 100 playlist with the most popular radio stations. Add a radio to your favorites, record audio streamings and schedule recordings.

Snowtape allows you to listen to radio stations online. The application comes with quite a few Internet radios built-in, and you can import other radios by providing their URL. All the radios are sorted by Genre and Country, so it is easy to find radios that broadcast the type of music that you like and radios that broadcast from your country. My country had only a few radios available, and none of them worked. There is a nice playlist called TOP 100, which includes the most popular radios on Snowtape. All the ones I tried from that playlist worked just fine.

Snowtape has a very intuitive user interface which looks a lot like iTunes'. It is quick and it provides links to the most important features of this app.

Snowtape allows you to record any radio that you can listen to with the application and it also allows you to schedule recordings for times when you are not able to start a recording manually.

You can add your favorite radios to your Favorites for easy access. All the playlists are saved on the left part of the screen.

In terms of quality, I couldn't actually tell that the music was being streamed, since its quality was so good. I didn't experience any disconnections or stuttering.

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José Fernández
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  • Lots of radios
  • Good quality


  • Some radios don't work

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It is a good choice for those who like the way iTunes is operated, as it is very similar to it. It proved to be simple in use.

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