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Quickly play, edit, and convert audio files on your Mac.
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Snapper is a Mac utility that enables you to play, edit, and convert your audio files with just a few clicks. This application communicates well with Mac's Finder program, provides you with detailed information about your audio files, and converts your songs without losing their quality in the process.

Before using the app on your computer, you first need to grant it permission to alter Mac's default settings. This means that you need to go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy and enable permission feature for the Snapper app.

Afterwards, you can go to Finder, select an audio file from your local directories, and Snapper's main window will be displayed on your desktop, just under Finder's screen. You will have access to the waveform representation of the selected song, detailed information about the audio file, and a sound player.

You can use Snapper to extract and export certain segments from your audio files, split tracks into multiple files, etc.

Sadly, the app comes with several flaws. For starters, it occasionally freezes, especially when displaying its main window or exporting files. Another thing that bothers me is that you need to install additional tools in order to convert audio files to formats like MP3, FLAC or OGG.

In my opinion, you should try a different audio file manager. There are many audio converters that work with multiple formats, come with built-in players, and offer you editing options.

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  • Communicates well with Finder
  • Provides you with detailed info about your audio files
  • Lets you choose between various formats when exporting audio files


  • Occasionally freezes
  • You need to download and install additional tools to export some audio file formats


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