SmallTask 2.1

SmallTask is an application that allows you to set reminders on your Mac.
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SmallTask is a simple application for Mac users who wish to manage their daily tasks with minimum effort. This program proves to be a reliable solution whenever you wish to keep track of your chores or timely recall project due dates and business meetings.

The app brings you a simple interface and an easy way to add, edit, and remove tasks from the chores list. Your only job is to enter the reminder details (for example: call John) and select the due date for the task. Once the chore meets its due date, the app notifies you by displaying a message on your screen.

An advantage of working with this program is that it lets you synchronize tasks with your iOS devices using the Dropbox service.

The only thing I don't like about working with SmallTask is that it doesn't provide you with a built-in search tool. Not having access to this utility might appear a significant disadvantage if you're having a comprehensive list of tasks and you wish to find and edit a reminder.

Nevertheless, this application comes with no price tag and it successfully serves its purpose: remind you when it's due time for a certain task.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • You can synchronize tasks with your iOS devices
  • You can set as many reminders as you like
  • You receive alarms even when the app is not running


  • Lacks a search tool
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