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Focus by emphasizing an active window by fading out inactive ones.
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HazeOver is a productivity tool for multi-tasking users. Ever since I made the switch to Macs, I have been amazed at how many windows can be opened at the same time without slowing down my computer. This is a benefit but it can also hinder your ability to do what is important. HazeOver can improve your productivity by highlighting the active window by dimming all the other windows on your screen.

When you first run HazeOver, you will get a chance to modify some of the settings. You can set the dimming intensity by using a sliding bar. The default value is 35%. If you click on "Advanced", a new window will come up, which will let you change the way applications are highlighted. By default, only the active window is highlighted, but you can change the behavior to highlight front windows of the active application. From this window, you can also change the duration of the dimming effect.

HazeOver doesn't have a demo version that you can download to try, but they have a great video that shows how the application works on the developer's website.

In my testing, after enabling the application from the Preferences window, the app started highlighting apps without any problems. I feel like this utility could help me concentrate more on the apps that are important to my workflow.

José Fernández
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  • You can highlight active apps and their front windows
  • You can customize the dimming percentage


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