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Bean is a text editor that can save and open in a useful set of formats.
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Bean is a text editor that can save and open in a useful set of formats: bean, rtf, rtfd, doc, docx, odt, and webarchive. It is essentially a more powerful version of TextEdit, with a more attractive interface, but with the extra capabilities may eventually come with some loss of stability as the app is no longer being actively developed.

With its attractive icon, simple title, and straightforward interface, Bean fits right in with Apple's application aesthetic. Although the primary and obvious features one would expect in a text editor - save, print, find, and font tools - are lined up in an application menu ribbon, there are many more capabilities one might not expect to find outside a fully-featured text editor: detailed formatting controls, template text insertion, style-based copy-and-paste, and window-splitting. Also, rather than setting the default save to be its own .bean format, as some alternative text editors do in an ill-fated attempt to monopolize control over your documents (or, granted, perhaps to preserve application-specific formatting), it defaults to .rtfd, a default which is, of course, customizable from Bean's Preferences dialog window.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Lightweight and agile, a nice compromise between TextEdit and Word
  • Distraction-free fullscreen mode


  • No longer actively developed
  • Limited control over pictures and pasted content
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