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Free Skyline is an educational trivia game in which you will be shown sketches.
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Skyline is an educational trivia game in which you will be shown sketches of well-known buildings around the world and you need to mark the city they belong to. The sketches are very well made, so it is easy to recognize the skyscrapers and city landmarks. The game includes a series of buildings and you will need to choose between four options. If the answer is correct, you move on to a different image, while if it is wrong, you will have the chance to continue playing until you get the right answer.

Unfortunately, the game doesn't give you any points for right answers and the buildings are always the same and they are shown in exactly the same order, so you may want to play two or three times at the most. Moreover, the game has very simple black and white graphics, which are not really attractive. There are also no sounds or music, so it is pretty boring.

In short, Skyline may only be worthwhile if you want to test your knowledge on popular skyscrapers, but it shouldn't be considered as a game at all.

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Silvana Mansilla
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  • The sketches are very well made
  • Free


  • Repetitive
  • No sounds or music
  • Very simple graphics



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