SketchBook Copic Edition 2.0

Free Experience the high quality markers and colors by Copic with Autodesk® SketchBook® Copic Edition.
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SketchBook Copic Edition is a utility that focuses on drawing and it is also optimized so that it can be used with tablets.
The application offers a set of drawing shapes and pens to work with and also other useful tools, such as the "lasso select" tool. There are five shapes that users can draw with: free line, straight line, polyline, rectangle and oval. Seven types of pencils/markers can be chosen from and the color library offers a nice selection of colors along with the color palette, as well as a list of web safe colors. The latter ones have their html codes written for each one on the list where they are displayed. Drawing can be done while working on several different layers. Also, images can be imported into layers or they can be included into layers with the drag-and-drop method. The elegant user interface is a plus; however there are basic actions which do not appear to be available, such as to make settings regarding the transparency of colors for example.
SketchBook Copic Edition is a nice utility for creating drawings, with an elegant user interface and some nice tools and colors on offer.

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Margie Smeer
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  • Elegant user interface
  • Seven different pencils/markers are available
  • Web safe colors are included in the color library
  • Optimized so that it can be used with tablets


  • There are simple actions which do not appear to be available, such as to make settings for the transparency of colors. This makes drawing more realistic on the other hand, since opacity is obtained by overlaying several brush strokes
  • A larger number of available shapes to draw with would be a plus


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