Photo Time Edit

Photo Time Edit 2.3

Change a photograph’s original date and time by altering its EXIF metadata.

Photo Time Edit can help you change a photo’s date and time. In this respect, the application allows modifying the intended file’s EXIF, extended metadata that includes the date and time a photo was taken. It specifically supports two picture types: JPEG and TIFF. The tool is actually quite easy to use. However, some of its features may go unnoticed by the common user as there is no accompanying help documentation. Still, there is a straightforward user guide available online.

The application supports opening a photo by dragging and dropping it onto its icon. Moreover, you can open all the picture files in a given folder. In such case, the program lets you decide whether you want to open multiple files on a single window or open each of them separately. Next, you can easily enter the desired values and proceed to change the data accordingly. There is also a special function that allows setting a date by adding and subtracting values.

In general, Photo Time Edit can change a photograph’s original date and time stamp. Fortunately, it even supports automating the process by using functions. However, the application can manipulate only the date and time; in this regard, if you need to add new metadata, it is necessary to use another product by the same developer. Luckily, this tool will not cost you a cent.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports working with batches
  • Automatic data and time setting


  • Does not allow adding other EXIF data
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