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Free SimpleSong is a very minimalistic and free audio player.
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SimpleSong is a very minimalistic and free audio player. The developer of this app created it because he had a lot of music on his computer and didn't want or didn't have the time to manage the long libraries that iTunes creates. I can agree with that. Some days I just miss WinAMP, which could play a file without adding it to a library. SimpleSong is a player that can do just that. You drag a file to it and it will start playing. There are only two playback controls: stop and next song. The main window also has a text field that you can use to search for songs on your iTunes library. The app will automatically pick the best result for you, but, in my testing, I was unable to find the song that I wanted to play most of the time using the search feature. This is because it doesn't show a list of results.

Honestly, SimpleSong doesn't have many features and the developer stated that more than one time he wanted to play a song with Quick Look to avoid running iTunes and that this didn't work because when you switched from an app other than Finder, Quick Look would close. This behavior has been changed in Mac OS X Lion and you can now play any song with Quick Look and it won't close when you switch apps. And to be honest, Quick Look does a good enough show of playing audio files that you really don't need this app.

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José Fernández
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  • It is free
  • It works well


  • The search feature sometimes doesn't find the song that you want to play
  • Not enough controls
  • Too minimalistic



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