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DEVONtechnologies, LLC

Organize all your notes with DEVONnote. The program was designed to make it easier for you to input and organize all the information in your life, especially the information you keep on the post-its on your monitor and the notes on the refrigerator or white boards.

The application has its own installation dialog. After you agree to the License Agreement, you can, as usual, drag the program's icon into your applications folder. When you first run the application, it is completely empty. I would have liked to see some examples so that I didn't have to figure out much stuff on my own. Even after spending some time alone with the application, I could not figure out what's the purpose of this whole thing. I had to open the help files to learn more about it.

In short, the program saves your money on post-its as you can enter them directly into this program and have them shared with your mobile devices or other computer through the MobileMe service. Since 2GB of it will be free starting Fall 2011, this program will work for everyone.

Overall, the program's design is very generic. It does have a nice set of preferences and a great help file, but it feels way too expensive. There are some cool features of the program (you can, for instance, preview a webpage right from the program), but those features are the same in all the alternatives I've seen so far. To make this program interesting, the developers should consider a more original interface - more colors, cute buttons etc, and they should include examples of the notes and bookmarks, like the developers of similar applications are doing. People need examples of how their life can be organized.

Joshua Wrightwood
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