Silent Start

Silent Start 1.1

Silent Start silences the startup chime on your Mac.

Silent Start is a lightweight application that allows you to start your Mac system in silence. No sound will be heard at computer start-up, so that you will be saved from the reproaches of the people around you who prefer to work quietly.

The application installs as a small icon in the upper menu bar. With no complicated settings to configure, the program is just plain simple and intuitive. There are only three settings that you can enable or disable. They are related to basic tasks, such as launching the tool automatically at login, turning the start-up chime to mute, and receiving notifications when the volume is restored.

You may wonder why can't you just mute the computer sound – the difference lies in the program's ability to mute only the sound released at system start-up. Then, the computer volume will be restored according to its default configuration, without needing to readjust the audio parameters. In addition, with this tool installed on your computer, you won't need to worry about forgetting to put the sound down at computer shutdown.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Your Mac starts up in silence
  • Restores default audio settings automatically
  • Mutes the startup chime


  • Questionable importance
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