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Sign PDF 3.3

Sign PDF is an application that lets you digitally sign your PDF documents.

Sign PDF is an application that lets you digitally sign your PDF documents. Therefore, you can personalize your files with either handwritten or digital signatures. In addition, you can use it as a watermarking tool in order to apply text, pictures, logos, and checkmark stamps to your documents.

The program has a clean and user-friendly interface that displays all main functions as illustrative icons on the toolbar. The app provides four different PDF signing modes. First, you can insert custom text snippets that can be placed anywhere you want on the PDF page. The text appearance can be adjusted in terms of font style, color, and rotation angle. Then, you can apply a handwritten signature simply by drawing it using the trackpad or by moving the mouse like a pen on the drawing area.

For a better appearance, the signature supports color, line weight, and background customization. In addition, you can correct any imperfections with a handy digital eraser. Thirdly, if you already have a signature saved as a picture file into your computer, you can insert it with ease on your PDF from within the application. Obviously, you can add whatever image you prefer, be it a signature or whatever picture you prefer. Last, the program comes with multiple checkmark images that you can use as document stamps. Once your document is signed, you can save it as a PDF file for printing and sharing or with a .spd extension for further editing.

To conclude, Sign PDF saves you from printing a PDF document when your signature is required on specific pages. Providing versatile signing modes, the app is suitable for those electronic documents that you need to personalize.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Versatile signing features
  • Signs electronic documents
  • Provides checkmark stamps


  • Can't password-protect the resulting PDF
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