Shibo the Keyboard Piano 1.1

An authentic virtual piano keyboard simulation.
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Play a digital piano and create custom audio compositions. Select one of the 8 sound packs and switch between individual components to customize the output of the music created by pressing assigned keys. Generate tracks and play the audio in real time.

Shibo the Keyboard Piano is the closest to the real thing you can get.
With 8 marvelous high quality sound packs (both acoustic and electric), a built in reverb and record to disk options, we have no choice but to claim 'Shibo' the best virtual keyboard piano out there.
* Play the piano with your Macs' (qwerty) keyboard
* 8 high quality realistic sounding acoustic and electric piano sounds to choose from
* 3 octaves range
* Supports multiple simultaneous key presses (chords)
* Responds to key releases
* Visual feedback of what notes are currently being played
* High quality Reverb sound effect
* Nice graphical user interface
* Record your performance to an audio file (CD quality .aiff)

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