Synth 76477

Generate sound effects and synthesize sound based on the SN76477 circuit.
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Synth 76477 is a powerful sound effects generator and synthesizer app, inspired by the famous SN76477 integrated circuit from the 1970s, but containing many enhancements.
Main Features:
-Three oscillators, each of which can produce a sine, triangle, sawtooth, or square wave
-The outputs of two of the oscillators can be used to modulate the main oscillator
-Frequency modulation can be linear or octave based
-The duty cycle of the main oscillator can be adjusted in square wave mode
-Noise generator, either analog or digital, with an adjustable low pass filter
-Oscillator outputs can be mixed to the audio output
-Fully configurable ADSR (Attack / Decay / Sustain / Release) envelope, linear or exponential
-One shot mode available
-Unlimited number of sound effect generator boards
-User configurable array of sound effect generator buttons on each board

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