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SerialSnapper brings continous shooting and a self-timer to your computer.
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SerialSnapper brings continous shooting and a self-timer to your computer. Use the function of a modern camera now also for your screenshots. All you have to do is set how long SerialSnapper should wait before taking the first picture, how long to wait between two photos and how long it should run, that’s all!
You can specify where to save and how to name the screenshots in the preferences. SerialSnapper can save the images as JPG, PNG, TIFF and PDF. If you want it also plays a sound whenever it takes a photo so you never have to guess wether you got a precious moment on film or not.
With SerialSnapper you will never miss a great moment on your desktop again. Be it while playing or while working, SerialSnapper precisely documents your every step. If you want to, you can also use all the screenshots to compose a time-lapse movie in iMovie afterwards.
You can use SerialSnapper also for keeping an eye on your server. Just start all surveyance-apps on your servers desktop an letz SerialSnapper save the screenshots to a network-folder or your Dropbox. With that you will always have the latest screens from your server where ever you are, without hassle, without logging in.
If you use OS X folder actions you can enhance SerialSnapper even further. They will scale your images down for usage on your web-site. They will send images automatically via mail to a specified account. This was you will easily have the images on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as well!

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