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Protect your Mac with Security Camera 2.3!
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Protect your Mac with Security Camera 2.3! Snap anyone who wakes up your computer!
Now Ready for Mountain Lion!
Worldwide, it ranked #1 to #5 in the Utilities category.
Customer Reviews:
"Brilliant little app!"
"Good idea, been looking for something like this as I know one of my subordinates is known to rummage through my desk in my absence"
"This app is simple and it works brilliantly!"
"now i know who is using my mac grrr!"
Security Camera is a user-friendly app that can be installed in one minute and doesn’t require any further configuration. Each time your computer wakes up the camera will silently snap the person who wakes it up and save the photo into a defined folder. With this app in hand you will always have evidence of who and when touched your computer without your permission. Intruders will no longer be able to deny invading your privacy, you’ll be able to check if your kids misbehaved and if you can trust your roommate.
Get Security Camera today to spare yourself from worrying about the security of your personal data and document your life at the same time!
- Automatic camera snap after waking up.
- Saving images at a resolution of 640х480.
- Can now send pictures to your Dropbox account! So if your laptop gets stolen, you’ll likely have a photo of the thief.
- User-friendly interface and no need for further configuration.
- we added password protection to the application. Now only you can view/copy/delete Captured Photos.
- Fast work and no additional CPU load.
- No interference with other automatically run applications.
- Adjustable arm-timer.
- Idle timer actuations.
- You can setup Security Camera to arm after 30sec/1min/3min/5min/15min/30min of idle time. When armed, Security Camera snaps anyone who drags a mouse, touches Multi-Touch trackpad or presses any key.
How you can use it:
- With Dropbox, if your laptop gets stolen, you’ll likely have a photo of the thief.
- Making sure your kids didn’t turn on the computer without your permission
- Getting evidence that your parents (partners, roommates or coworkers) were using your computer behind your back
- Storing a log of your haircuts and mood
- Creating a weekly photo archive for your diary
- Getting fresh real pictures for your blog or social network
- Tracking your health based on everyday pictures
Download Security Camera today to snap anyone who wakes up your computer!
Thank you for choosing Security Camera!
Problems with the program? We can help! Visit and let us know.
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Developed by Alice Dev Team
Whats new in version 2.2:
All known problems were solved.
Photo gallery and program core was rewritten from scratch with performance and low memory requirements in mind.
Polished and ready to work within infinity hours providing security and fun to its owner.

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