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Check the ranking of web pages and sites.
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View and analyze the status of each link included in your website. Check for broken links, create a sitemap, search for spelling errors in texts, run SEO analysis scenarios, etc. Manually input the URL and view the results of the automated scan for it.

Scrutiny is a set of web optimization tools that identify those aspects you can improve in your website. In this respect, the app can check for such issues as missing links, faulty SEO data and spelling or grammar mistakes.

The app has a straightforward graphic user interface, which I am sure you will not have any difficulty to use. You can begin by entering the starting URL of your site (or sites). Sometimes, when the site is password-protected, it may be necessary to provide authentication data. Next, you may proceed to scan the site, which means that the tool works like a spider, inspecting every possible link. In addition, for each site, you may set specific scanning rules.

Once the scan is over, the tool shows the results grouped by such categories as Links, Sitemaps, SEO, Spelling and Grammar, Perform Actions, Search Pages, Orphaned Pages, Insecure Contents and Reporting, which you can expand to view in details. The resulting data can be saved for future reference.

One of the areas you find the tool is most useful is by checking the status of the site’s hyperlinks. This is even useful to detect faulty hyperlinks within PDF or Word documents. Similarly, the tool can crawl through the text in all your pages to find spelling or grammar mistakes.

The application can also make your site friendlier to search engines by checking SEO parameters such as URL, title, description and main headings. Likewise, it can find if there is keyword stuffing, when there are too many keywords in the same page, which is penalized by search engines. Besides, it can give you overall stats of each page. Another possibility is to create an XML sitemap you can submit to search engines to enhance your site’s visibility.

Good news is that Scrutiny uses an excellent crawling engine, which supports scanning large sites fast and efficiently. Luckily, you can also limit the scope of the crawl, by setting the number of levels and links as well as creating blacklists and whitelists. Regrettably (or should I say “fortunately”?), it very occasionally reports false-positive broken links.

All in all, Scrutiny can be a great choice if you want to improve your site’s SEO score. By validating HTML and checking SEO parameters, this tool has the potential to improve your site’s ranking in search engines, thus attracting more visitors. Fortunately, there is a trial version functional for 30 days but with limitations in exporting results.

Pedro Castro
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  • Works fast and efficiently, even with large sites
  • Allows whitelisting and blacklisting
  • Lets you use specific rules for each site
  • Works with documents
  • Works with offline sites
  • Can export results
  • Generates sitemaps
  • Improves CEO ranking
  • Finds different issues, like broken links and spelling mistakes


  • Very occasionally reports false-positive broken links
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