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Free Edit the code of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript projects.
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Write and test code in a customizable environment for different types of projects. View and edit all related elements while processing the main bulk of code based on HTML, CSS, Brackets, and JavaScript. Share, edit, browse, split, and otherwise modify the materials.

Bracket has been developed to help you undertake web projects of various types. This development tool supports editing HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. Its interface has a modern design that most of the intended users will find quite straightforward. It comes with a Getting Started project that you can preview on your browser in order to learn about the product.

Brackets supports creating web documents mainly using HTML but also lets you edit the CSS code related to it. Likewise, it allows developing JavaScript code to add functionalities to the webpages. It also comes with preprocessor support, which is greatly appreciated by developers. In this respect, it is excellent that the app comes with QuickEdit, a function that allows jumping straight to editing the subjacent CSS and JavaScript code without leaving the base HTML document.

Brackets is very convenient in terms of debugging code. For instance, Live Preview opens the document on your browser. 'Live' here means that any change you make in the underlying code will be automatically reflected in the page shown on your browser. This is quite helpful if you want to monitor the effects of your actions in real time. However, this feature does not work properly if Google Chrome is not installed on your machine. Likewise, if you move the cursor over a specific CSS rule or a given piece of HTML code, the editor highlights the corresponding elements in the browser.

All in all, Brackets is a powerful web development editor. However, it supports expanding its features thanks to its support of plugins; and, luckily, there is an extensive library available online. The product is open source and therefore free to use.

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  • Live preview of your pages
  • Preprocessor support
  • Allows editing subjacent CSS and JS code
  • Supports plugins


  • The live preview only works if Google Chrome is installed on your computer


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