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Develop and optimize web-based software projects.
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Combine various tools to design, built, and test your projects in a single environment. Optimize the workflow when creating and modifying applications. Generate, test and debug code, provide the root and local URL, set up a connection protocol, manage associated files, etc.

Coda is intended to create websites. In this regard, the application comes with various convenient features, such as an advanced text editor and an integrated file manager. It has a modern interface, characterized by the use of tabs in which different functions can be opened. It is tech savvies who will probably feel more comfortable using this tool since it may take a while to fully understand what it is about. Luckily, you can get plenty of guidance from the accompanying help file and even a free book.

As said above, the editor has a lot of advanced features. Some of them can be found in other modern code editors, such as syntax highlighting, code folding, autocomplete, indentation and automatic tag closing. However, it also comes with other not so common advantages. In this respect, it is great that it has an HTML validator as well as a particular way to create colors and gradients, called Coda Pops. It is also good news that the built-in text search supports using wildcards. The tool lets you preview your work and there is even the possibility of testing your websites on a connected iPad or iPhone, thanks to a feature called AirPreview.

Its integrated file manager allows browsing not only local directories but also remote locations, for instance, it supports FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and Amazon S3. This way, it facilitates synchroning and publishing contents online. Besides, it is possible to search for a given string in all the files. What is more, an online storage service provided by the developers, called Panic Sync, allows working on your projects from different devices.

All in all, Coda can meet the needs of every web developer. In fact, should you need more, you can explore the developer's plugin collection. However, I would not recommended you this tool if you do not have advanced coding skills. In this regard, other similar tools allow composing your webpages without needing to write code, let you start from templates and come with WYSIWYG editors. Therefore, you had better try a few options before making your mind. Luckily, Coda can be used for some time at no cost.

Pedro Castro
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  • Synchronizes projects across multiple devices
  • Supports various file transfer protocols
  • Integrated search supporting wildcards
  • Advanced text editor with syntax highlighting, auto complete feature and code folding
  • Various ways to preview websites
  • Plugin support


  • No WYSIWYG editor
  • No templates
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