Script Debugger 8.0

Limit, process, manage, and edit AppleScripts.
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Work with a set of additional tools for AppleScripts management on your Mac. Check out the options for basic scripting, content search, previewing, component adjustment, limitation activation and removal, dictionary comparisons, debugging, backup creation, etc.

Script Debugger is an authoring tool for AppleScripts. AppleScript is a language for creating script files that control computer actions and applications. It is basically a language for automating tasks.
Script Debugger is a scripting tool that helps users to create, edit and debug AppleScripts. It provides a very rich dictionary browser, so that script developers have quick access to needed information. The dictionary can be navigated through by requesting for several criteria to be taken into account, such as commands, classes, suites, records, events or enumerations. Modifications can be performed in the running application that is targeted by the script. The scripting tool allows for changes made to the targeted utilities to be tracked. With the help of the Explorer, values can be changed inside Script Debugger and the modifications made to the application running outside of the script will also be reflected in Explorer. In order for users to determine how to refer to an element, specified names can be displayed by Explorer and help can be provided in choosing the appropriate name, depending on current needs.
Script Debugger is a tool for creating, editing and debugging AppleScript scripts, where AppleScript is a language whose aim is to exchange data between applications and to control such applications so that repetitive tasks be automated.

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  • The dictionary can easily be browsed through for useful information
  • Changes that are made to running applications outside of a script can easily be evaluated
  • Easy to determine what values have changed


  • Requires programming skills


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