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Script Debugger provides everything you need to quickly and easily author AppleScripts that work.
9 Jul 2021
12 Jun 2012
12 Aug 2010
Editorial review

What's new

v5.0 [12 Jun 2012]
- 17769 Resolved issues when using the Find panel to search for whitespace within a script.
- 16268, 17765 Added an ‘in window’ parameter to the ‘open’ command in Script Debugger’s scripting interface. When specified, this parameter causes newly opened documents appear in new tab within the specified script window.
- 17761 Improved selection management when inserting clippings that use the [[select:]] directive.
- 17755 Resolved a problem where text replace operations involving Regular Expression groups are not properly substituted.
- 17757 Resolved a crash that occurs when a script document’s ‘properties’ property is read while the document its self does not have a ‘last result’ value (i.e. has never been run).
- 17742 Corrected a problem where it became impossible to close a window following an attempt to save a script with a compilation, and the user elects to save the script as text.
- 17744 If you have any of the Activate SD On Pause, Activate SD On End or Activate SD On Error, SD will post user notifications to the Mac OS X 10.8 User Notification Centre.
- 17697 Resolved a crashing bug that occurs when Script Debugger is asked to quit as part of a system shutdown or user logout.
- 17736 Corrected a problem introduced by the Mac OS X 10.8.2 update that causes SOAP and XML-RPC events to hang when sent from Script Debugger.
- 17730 Corrected a problem where Script Debugger failed to send Crash Reports to Late Night Software on Mountain Lion (10.8) systems.
- 17685 Corrected a bug where the Event Log does not properly filter events targeted at remote machines (using the eppc:// protocol).
- 17556 Resolved a problem where clicking on enumeration links in the Scripting Additions dictionary window dod not lead you to the definition for the enumeration.
- 17714 Resolved a crash that occurs when an external debugging session ends with no result value returned from the script being debugged.
- 17715 Resolved a crash that may occur when using the Forward and Backward buttons in Value Explorers.
- 17710 Entering a backslash key no longer causes paired chevron characters to appear when the Auto-Pair Delimiters Editor preference is checked.
- 17684 Resolved a crash that may occur when closing windows with the Event Log visible.
- 17698 Resolved a crash that may happen when resuming script execution.
- 17695 Resolved a regression that causes Script Debugger 5.0.3 to crash when displaying compilation errors on 32-Bit Intel Macintoshes.
- 17707 Corrected a regression introduced in Script Debugger 5.0.1 which caused the Compile Error sheet to incorrectly display run-time error values.

v4.5 [12 Aug 2010]
What's New In Script Debugger 4.5
Improved Editing
• The editor now fully supports Unicode on Leopard systems. Unicode text will be properly retained when scripts are compiled or opened, allowing you to include text in multiple languages and alphabets within your scripts.
• Script Debugger now ‘auto-saves’ recovery information whenever you execute a script. Should AppleScript, Script Debugger or a Scripting Addition crash, Script Debugger will recover the script the next time it’s launched, preventing the loss of valuable work.
• Script length limitations removed on Leopard systems. Script Debugger would previously lose its ability to display AppleScript formatting for long scripts (>3000 lines). This limitation no longer exists when running on a Leopard system.
• You can now split the editor vertically and/or horizontally. This lets you view and edit multiple sections of a script at the same time, enabling you to easily spot changes or similarities.
• The Find & Replace panel now provides Regular Expression searching using the ICU Regular Expression engine. This lets you perform powerful Regular Expression-based finds and text substitutions on your scripts without resorting to an external text editor.
• The editor now automatically closes AppleScript block structures as you type. If you type ‘repeat with i from 1 to 10’ followed by Return, for example, Script Debugger will automatically insert the matching ‘end’ statement, allowing you to enter AppleScript block structures more quickly.
• The editor now provides a Text Substitution feature that allows short keywords to be replaced with boilerplate code as you type. Typing ‘dd’, followed by a space, for example, causes ‘display dialog "message"’ to be inserted with ‘message’ selected. You can define your own text substitutions to suit your scripting environment.
• The editor now automatically closes parentheses and quotes as you type, making it easier to enter string literals, lists and records into your script.
• Script Debugger 3.0’s 'Edit with BBEdit' command has been reintroduced and now works with Bare Bones Software’s BBEdit and TextWrangler or with MacroMate’s TextMate text editors. This command lets you temporarily transfer a script to one of these editors to take advantage of their powerful features.
• The new Text Completion command includes explicitly declared identifiers from the script (handler names, global variable names, property names, script object names, local variable names, and variables appearing in ‘repeat with’blocks) and terms from the AppleScript, Scripting Additions, and current tell context dictionaries. Handler name completion includes parameters, allowing you to quickly enter terms as they are editing a script.
• A warning panel now appears when Script Debugger is about to launch applications to complete a Look Up Definition search. You can choose which applications to launch, thereby avoiding delays while applications launch as well as consumption of memory.
• When opening a script that may cause the launch of applications, Script Debugger now offers you the choice of opening the script or recovering its plain text source to avoid the delay in launching applications.
• Major improvements made to the UI for Editing Libraries include: a new popup button listing the libraries in Script Debugger’s Application Support/Libraries folder, making it possible to add libraries without going through the Open File panel; the ‘Relative To’ popup in the Add Library open panel now changes directories to match the relative path chosen; and the libraries toolbar button in the script window now offers a popup listing the libraries in Script Debugger’s Application Support/Libraries folder. This makes the management of libraries associated with a script vastly more efficient.
• Balance command now handles compound statements (tell x to y, if x then y), and balances string literals and comments, making it a more reliable tool for selecting blocks that can then be moved, copied or deleted.
• Added TextMate’s Command-Return behavior that inserts a new line after the current line regardless of where the insertion point is within the line.
Improved Debugging
Improved Dictionary Window
Other Major Improvements

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