SafeCopy 1.7

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Save money and hassle using one account.
If you have more than one computer, no need for the cost and hassle of buying multiple accounts. With SafeCopy, it's your online storage so use it as you like.
Always secure and more reliable than an external drive.

Your files are secured in a redundant SAS70 certified datacenter and stored using 448-military grade encryption. External hard drives are not ideal for backups because they usually sit right next to your computer. So if your computer is stolen, damaged by fire, flood or virus attack, both the computer and the hard drive are gone.
Never far away from your files.

Travel with confidence knowing you can always access and share your files from any computer, smartphone or iPhone. All you need if your email, password and an internet connection.
Won't slow down your computer.

Consumes minimal CPU and memory by moving heavy processes to the SafeCopy servers. This allows SafeCopy to provide a realtime backup without you noticing it's even running.

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