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Learn over 4,400 Russian words! - Yes, that's right, 4,400. And each and every one with native speaker audio.
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Russian FlashCards is a Russian vocabulary learning tool. It can help you learn new words and retain them over the long term by testing you constantly on what you know. This version includes over 4400 words and phrases and each one of them has a pronunciation by a native speaker. You can simply click on a word in any of the available modes to hear its pronunciation.

Russian FlashCards has four modes that help you practice your knowledge of the vocabulary. These are Word, Meaning, Spelling and Listening. Word and Meaning are the two easiest modes. Briefly speaking, in those modes, you have to match a Russian word or meaning with an English word or meaning. The other two modes are a bit more complicated, but I think they are the best tools this app has. In Spelling, you are shown an English word and have to type it. There is an on-screen Cyrillic keyboard that you can use if you employ an English keyboard. The last mode, Listening, will play the pronunciation of a word and you have to click on the right English translation.

Russian FlashCards uses wordfiles that you can download or create in the application. Each of the modes I mentioned above can be used with any wordfile.

There is a trial version that you can download to test the program before you have to purchase it. It is fully functional but it only has a limited number of words. By default, the wordfile used is the one that contains days of the week.

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  • Pronunciations
  • Customizable
  • Custom word files


  • The trial version has a limited number of words


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