Addicting Game: Runaway Pengy

Addicting Game: Runaway Pengy 1.0

Control this cute penguin to jump, slide and fly through a variety of obstacles
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Meridian Digital Entertainment Limited

Runaway Pengy is a very cute horizontal scrolling game. In the game, you control Pengy and have to avoid a variety of obstacles while collecting as many fish as you can to increase your score. The penguin moves automatically, and you can jump or slide with the Z and C keys, respectively. You can customize these keys if you want. If you hit the jump key twice, Pengy will double-jump, which allows it to go higher in the air. Often, you will see ramps at the end of a platform. If you slide into the ramp, you will go flying in the air. So, basically, all you have to do is jump for platform into platform, jump over and slide below obstacles. I found that the hardest thing to do was to slide under certain obstacles, because you have to have great timing. If you don't push the button early enough, you die. And if while you are sliding, you release it too soon, you die as well.

One good thing about this game, or bad, depending on how you like these games to run, is that the level is not the same after you lose. Each obstacle is in a different order, so you can't memorize where you made a mistake and re-do the same level tens of times.

José Fernández
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  • Cute graphics
  • The game changes every time you lose


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