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Free It calculates prices for sending letters and packages with Royal Mail services.
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Royal Mail is a postal service establishment based in the UK. Postage Calculator for Royal Mail is a simple yet useful program designed to help you calculate the prices you need to pay in order to send letters and packages with the aforementioned service.

The utility provides you with an intuitive interface, a built-in UK size and weight guide, and a map with the areas where you can ship your letter or package. All you need to do is choose the destination area, package type and size, and the program will provide you with the calculation results you need.

Another advantage is that the app also notifies you if the package is too heavy to be shipped to its destination.

The thing that annoyed me was that it asks you to create a personal account on in order to unlock international and parcel postage prices. My guess is that this is a distasteful way to spam users. The aforementioned website has nothing to do neither with the application nor the postal services offered by Royal Mail.

In my opinion, it doesn't worth installing this program on your Mac, especially since it requires a registration on a shady website. On Royal Mail website you can easily calculate the prices for any type of package or letter you wish to send, the destination doesn't matter.

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Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple to use
  • Immediately calculates prices
  • Uses minimum CPU resources
  • Free


  • You need to register on a website in order to unlock international and parcel postage prices



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