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Free Perform mathematical calculation and build math models.
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Work with a calculation assistant for complex and basic mathematical equations, formulas, and models. Recognize differences between various units and compare the resulting values, automatically check the results, build and customize entire spreadsheets of info.

Depending on your needs, Math Minion can be either a powerful scientific calculator that understands units, or a sophisticated modelling tool that is better suited to science and engineering problems than traditional spreadsheet programs.
It combines a mind map style representation of the relationships between expressions, with a formula system that operates transparently on scalars, arrays and matrices. A hierarchical model system helps encapsulate calculations in logical and easily duplicated units and a flexible unit conversion system tracks the fundamental property types through calculations. This allows it to know, for instance, that some fathoms divided by a few days is in fact a velocity that should not be added to a kilogram.
Some interesting features include:
• equations that work equally well with scalars, arrays and matrices
• a function library that in addition to the usual suspects includes, matrix multiplication, matrix inversion, comparison functions, an interpolation function and more.
• a flexible unit conversion system that helps automate dimensional analysis
models and model arrays for information and calculation encapsulation
• a solver for one or more nonlinear equations
• an optimizer
• an ordinary differential equation solver
• a x-y graph tool.
• an iterator tool.
• Supports iCloud document handling compatible with the Math Minion on iOS.

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