River Raider: Retaliation

Destroy bridges, defeat enemies, and refuel in this action-packed arcade shoot.
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TameStorm Games
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The objective of the game remains the same, to cripple the aggressor's economy by demolishing bridges and eliminating the opposing enemy forces. Although your enemies lack intelligence, their sheer numbers pose a challenge. In addition to refueling, the filling station now allows you to repair your damaged aircraft. You have the choice to complete the mission without firing a single shot or to terminate as many enemies as possible. Immerse yourself in this exhilarating new arcade shooter.

Tamestorm presents a new game from River Raid series. As usual, the game goal is to shatter economy of aggressor by blasting the bridges and destroying the enemy forces that oppose you. Your enemies are dump, but your mission is not easier though - they will make up by their numbers. In this game, the filling station is not just a place where you refuel, now you can fix your damaged aircraft here. As usual, you can either opt for completing the mission without any single shot or terminate as more enemies as you can. Enjoy this new arcade shooter.

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