Revisions for Dropbox

Revisions for Dropbox 3.0

Go back through the history of files saved on your Dropbox.
3.0 (See all)

View all your Dropbox activity, past and present. Rewind if necessary. Revisions lets you see all file edits in your Dropbox, and restore old versions of files and entire folders with the click of a button. In essence, this is "track changes" and "undo" functionality for your entire Dropbox! For instance, you can check what files your coworker changed over the weekend, and investigate exactly what in those files was changed, restore the contents of a shared folder after your colleague deleted a large bunch of files to make room in his or her own Dropbox, inadvertently deleting your copies of the files in the process, keep track of what files you or your team worked on in any given week, and see exactly what you accomplished.
What's new in this version:
You can now easily search for edits by filename and by edit type (created, modified, or deleted), in addition to specifying a date range. This functionality is available to all Premium users and to any users who share their opinion of the app with friends, colleagues, or family. Premium users can additionally search by editing user. The update includes a number of minor fixes and performance improvements.

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