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Pif-Splitter helps you split large files with ease.
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Pif-Splitter is a program for Mac that provides you with a solution whenever you wish to split large-sized files into smaller parts. This application particularly comes in handy when you try to transfer data that doesn't fit on a USB drive, CD or DVD and you need to cut the file into smaller pieces.

Any user can handle this app's interface as it brings very simple-to-configure file split and merge settings. The application supports a wide range of input formats, ergo you can split large movies, ISO files, images, music compilations, and much more.

You can define the size for the file parts and the program lets you know the estimated number of pieces you obtain after the split process is complete. The time waiting for the results solely depends on the size of the input file, so you might have to wait a while for the app to split larger files.

Unfortunately, the only way to rebuild the original file is by using Pif-Splitter. For instance, when you send an e-mail containing files sliced using this tool, as long as the recipients don't use this tool too then they cannot put the files back to form the original file and they won't be able to check the sent data.

To conclude, Pif-Splitter brings you a simple way to split large files into small pieces. Still, if the aforementioned flaw is a big deal for you, I recommend you to try more advanced file splitting tools.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Supports a wide range of formats
  • Fast processing speed
  • You can define the size for the file pieces


  • The only way to rebuild the original file is by using Pif-Splitter's Reconstruct tool
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