Rember 0.3

Verifies the status of system memory via testing.
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Kelley Computing
Work with the memtest command line application without accessing the Terminal of your Mac. Evaluate the hardware setup and view details about the built-in memory. Set the amount of memory allocated for testing with automated distribution scenarios or manual input.

Rember is a front-end GUI to the 'memtest' command line memory testing program. This application will allow the user to select the number of test loops, as well as the amount of memory to test. The user can monitor the memory testing via a 'Log' tab. The user can toggle a 'verbose' switch to limit the amount of output.The user can choose to quit Finder and other applications.Defective memory can cause computers to malfunction, crash, and behave in a variety of ways which can sometimes baffle end users and computer technicians alike. Apple provides hardware test CDs with most of their products, and there are some third-party utilties for Mac OS X which perform memory testing. Rember has been designed to simplify the testing, and diagnosis of these problems.

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