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PiXel Check 1.3

Access and manage individual pixels on your display.
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Michael Simmons
Optimize, check, and modify the work of display devices for your Mac. Access specific pixels on the screen and manually turn them on and off to check the functionality, fix possible errors or crashes, modify the overall display performance, and troubleshoot other issues.

Each of the pixels available on your monitor is represented by a transistor for the red, green and blue colors. As time passes by, pixels may die showing a black spot (short out) or go defective and showing one of the three aforementioned colors. If you own an LCD monitor, it is recommended that you constantly look for dead and defective pixels, and PiXel Check is just the tool to do it.

The application has a simple to use interface with a straightforward functionality. You can perform a choice of multiple checks by turning on different pixel colors: red, green, blue, black and white. Basically, whenever you press a button, the whole screen will change to a single color. When the Automatic function is active, PiXel Check will slowly go through all of the 5 colors.

When a color becomes active, a sound will indicate it. This may be disabled from the Preferences panel as well as hiding the mouse cursor in full screen mode.

PiXel Check is fairly lightweight, free and effective. This makes it ideal for all LCD owners.

Rory Shaffer
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