Display Rotation Menu

Display Rotation Menu 1.3

Rotate your screen to accommodate different types of monitors.

Although macOS allows rotating your screen to accommodate your use of different types of monitors, this choice is hidden under the Display preferences menu. Thus, it would be good if the screen rotation options were more readily accessible. In this respect, Display Rotation Menu offers to solve the problem.

This tiny tool is available as an icon in the Menu Bar. If you just click on it, a menu will drop down to let you access the different screen rotation modes, which include Landscape, Portrait, Landscape Flipped and Portrait Flipped. Likewise, you can access the application's preferences to configure the tool to start automatically along with system boot.

It is a shame that this product does not work on all graphics cards and monitor configurations, of which there is a proper warning on the developer’s site. However, although it is supposed to show a notice in such case, that did not happen when I tried it on an unsupported computer.

All in all, this extremely light and unobtrusive tool called Display Rotation can certainly help you if you usually need to change your screen rotation mode, which comes in handy mainly when you are using multiple monitors. Fortunately, the product is absolutely free to use.

Pedro Castro
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  • Very light and unobtrusive
  • Provides easy access to screen rotation options


  • Cannot work with all graphics cards or screen configurations
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