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Red Hot Timer is a handy application that counts down time.
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Red Hot Timer is a handy application that counts down time. It is designed to measure a specific period of time until the occurrence of a future event.
The program doesn't actually have an interface – it installs as a small icon placed on the upper menu bar and stays right there at hand, always ready to enable new or already configured timers. All you need to do is click on the tool's icon and the contextual menu will open. The utility supports multiple timers, which can be set either as countdown timers – by selecting specific time intervals – or as classic alarm clocks, by setting an exact limit time. When the time has elapsed, an alarm sound will go off. You can choose among seven predefined sound alarms, or you can import a new music track from your personal library.

An already existing timer can be easily modified, so that it can meet your current needs. A click on the selected item will open the timer in a new window for better visualization and proper configuration. You can reconfigure a timer while time measurement is in progress simply by dragging the knob displayed. As a consequence, the length of time will be instantly modified.

The program is an efficient time-controlling tool. It can be set to launch at computer startup and supports pausing and resuming time-related tasks.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Supports multiple timers
  • Easy reconfiguration of timers to meet your current needs
  • Can pause and resume timers
  • Ability to import favorite sound alarms


  • Can't relate the timers with text messages
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