RealCADD 5.30

A vector-based 2D CAD application with a WYSIWYG editor.
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RealCADD is a vector-based 2D CAD application. It is intended for professional use mainly, as it involves knowledge of technical drawing. Its editor is WYSIWYG so you can draw just as if it were on paper, using scales and so on. Luckily, it comes with help documentation and examples to help you find your way.

The app’s interface is composed of a series of floating windows, and some of them are automatically hidden when not in use. While it appears that this possibility eases your work, it can become a real challenge for beginners. In this regard, it would be good if it also allowed docking those windows.

RealCADD comes with a set of drawing tools that can meet all your needs. It lets you create all sorts of lines, rectangles, ellipses, polygons and curves. Similarly, there are two modes you can draw them: One of them is simply dragging them to the approximate location and the other is clicking on the tool from the palette and then clicking on the drawing space.

One of the best benefits you can get from RealCADD is its support of layers. This way, you can work on different parts of your work separately by hiding those that are not important at the moment. Likewise, you can create layer layouts just as if you were working on different drawings.

The application supports working with DXF and DWG files, which make the results of your work compatible with many other tools. Likewise, it makes it possible to import and modify existing files. Moreover, since the product is cross-platform, you can share your work with users of other operating systems. more

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  • Extensive set of drawing tools
  • Two ways to use drawing tools
  • Allows creating new tools via scripting
  • Support of layers
  • Compatible with other tools and operating systems


  • Does not allow docking floating windows
  • Cannot generate 3D views


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