ViewNX 2

ViewNX 2

It helps you to import, organize, edit, and share photos or movie-clips.
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ViewNX offers a comprehensive way to import, organize, edit and share photos or movie-clips. Dedicated tools for editing movies make it easy to show the best of the action, or merge films with photos for creative effect. It has an all-in-one software package for perfecting photos and movie-clips with ease.

Photos can be edited in Browser, GeoTag, or Edit workspaces, which can be customized to suit the task at hand. Supplied with Nikon digital cameras and available for download from Nikon, this program enables photographers of any level to bring out the best in their images.

In addition, its intuitive movie editing tools let you cut a movie so it begins and ends just where you want, create photos from selected frames, merge several movie and /or JPEG files together with transition effects, and add a soundtrack.

ViewNX also helps you to refine your images with sharpness, contrast and brightness controls, and tools such as highlight and shadow protection, D-lighting and color booster (saturation).

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