RC Mini Racers

RC Mini Racers 2.2

A freemium 3D racing game with a variety of play styles and vehicles.
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RC Mini Racers is a freemium 3D car racing game with a variety of play styles and vehicles. The "RC" stands for "Remote Control", and the racing track environments are scaled to match. The vehicles themselves have more or less the physics of regular cars though (or at least the video game conception of those physics) and are also equipped with missiles and oil spills to slow other racers.

There are three types of races in RC Mini Racers, Circuit, Sprint, and Coin. Circuit mode is the most familiar: several laps take place against AI opponents in contention for a high ranking, which will result in a high virtual dollar reward. Those dollars can be used to unlock new tracks. Sprint mode is similar, except that the race is much shorter and is not lap-based. In Coin mode, the player can explore the map without cutthroat competition at each turn, searching for coins as they are generated one at a time in random places. These coins can be traded for a custom paint job at the "Pimp Shop", which is actually pretty cool in allowing one to change the color of specular reflection, an attribute that can make your car look like it is made of exotic materials.

Sam's Protip: Don't confuse race dollars and real dollars! Both are befuddlingly referred to in-game with the $ symbol (a confusion that has no doubt helped the developer at times make money from inadvertent purchases).

Sam Lloyd
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  • Controlled mayhem adds fun!
  • Can balance controls with live control of a car
  • Coin Racing" offers a less stressful way of gaining in-game currency


  • Pushes too hard on premium currency and developer's other games
  • A significant number of users report program crashing
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