Mini Ninjas

Mini Ninjas is a very funny 3D adventure game for the Mac.
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Mini Ninjas is a 3D adventure game for the Mac in which you control Futo, Hiro and other ninjas in their quest to discover who is behind a series of attacks on nearby villages. The story of the game starts with Futo meeting his sensei, who teaches him the skills of a ninja during the day, and other powers during the night. Futo has the ability to stop time, possess animals and he has great ninja skills. In the first scene of the game, you are sent to investigate an attack on a village and you find a group of samurai. After defeating them, you are sent to a fortress to confront the Evil Samurai Warlord, who is apparently behind the attacks.

Graphically speaking, the game looks nice. The character models are cartoony and so are the maps. The game is linear in nature, and certain objectives are unlocked when you get to a certain place on the map. There are many things that you will be asked to do besides fighting ninjas. In one instance, you are asked to find a rare flower so that a talking bird can make a potion to fight evil.

The controls are simple. You control the camera with the mouse and the character's movement with the W, S, A, and D keys on your keyboard. You can control other characters besides Futo. The game puts up help and tips during the first level of the game to help you learn the controls, but you can always go to the settings to read the full command list. more

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  • Great, funny, and long game
  • Lots of playable characters
  • Nice story


  • The fight mechanics aren't great


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