Ray Gun Pro OS X

Ray Gun Pro OS X 1.0

Pop, Click, Hum, Rumble and Broadband noise reduction
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Ray Gun Pro is the next generation in audio restoration for OS X. Like Ray Gun, Ray Gun Pro is built for cleaning up scratchy vinyl, tape hiss, noisy dialog, HVAC noise, and any track with poor sonic quality. However, Ray Gun Pro adds extensive control over individual parameters for more demanding applications. Converting vinyl collections to CD-R, removing the nastiest pops, clicks and scratches. Combining sophisticated pop and click detection with complex spectral analysis, downward expansion, notch filtering and an intelligent "search" function. Cleans up noisy dialog, narration or telephone recordingsEliminates camera sound and HVAC noise from video/film soundtracksFilters out line noise and ground loop humsRescues problematic, poorly-recorded tracks
What's new in this version:
We have consolidated our Ray Gun pricing structure, simplifying it to our customers' advantage: Ray Gun Pro v. 3.x products are now priced at $99. Ray Gun v. 1.x and v. 2.x products are now priced at $59. A $39 upgrade path from Ray Gun to Ray Gun Pro is available to all who purchased Ray Gun on or after 09/23/05. All other users may from now on upgrade to any Ray Gun or Ray Gun Pro for a flat $9.95 processing fee.

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