Randomness 1.1

This program can generate passwords, numbers, coin flips, etc.
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Randomness is a Mac application that comes in handy when creating a new email account, trying to decide about a color for your artwork projects, etc. This simple yet helpful program generates passwords, color codes, card picks, dice rolls, and even flips coins.

On the toolbar of the utility you can find all generating methods (Password, Number, Color, Coin Flip, Card, and Dice). The results offered by the first three tools can be copied to clipboard and used within third-party applications.

Another good thing is that the utility uses a very small amount of CPU resources, even while generating passwords, color codes or numbers.

This application can also be used when deciding which competitor registered in a contest should win the big prize. You can use the number generator, choose the preferred range, and just wait for the result.

Cutting a long story short, Randomness is a fun and efficient program for Mac. The app brings you a straightforward interface, immediately offers you the info you require, and comes without a price tag.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Uses minimum CPU resources
  • Free of charge
  • Fast processing speed


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