RAGE ButtonDesign

RAGE ButtonDesign 1.5

A utility for creating web buttons; exports can be made as CSS and HTML.

RAGE ButtonDesign is a utility for creating web buttons. The application offers 75 button templates and allows users to easily customize them.
With an intuitive user-interface, users will quickly understand how to change the appearance of a button, how to make size and alignment adjustments and how to assign behavior to a button. Where appearance is concerned, the font and size of the text can be customized. Also, caption colors can be chosen according to preferences: colors for the text when the button is not used, for when the mouse is scrolled over it and for when the button is clicked on. The size of the button can be changed and the text alignment can be adjusted. Assigning behavior to a button refers to associating a hyperlink to it. The button templates look good enough, however, it would be nice if their color could be customized, and not just the color of their text, and if the option to create a custom button-shape was included. Buttons can be exported as CSS or HTML.
Therefore, RAGE ButtonDesign is a utility for web developers that can help them create web buttons quickly and efficiently.

Margie Smeer
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  • Intuitive user interface that makes the button creation process a quick one
  • Users can choose out of 75 button templates


  • The color of the buttons cannot be customized (only the text color can be)
  • An option for adding custom button-shapes would be nice
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