mProjector 4.0

mProjector transforms your Flash web application into a Desktop application.
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mProjector enables you to build rich-internet applications for the desktop using Adobe Flash. If you know Flash and a little ActionScript, then creating Mac and Windows desktop toys, widgets, and applications is just a few clicks away.
If you have ever wanted to create great looking connected desktop applications, you have come to the right place.

With Adobe Flash you can create beautiful, powerful Web applications. But you already know that. The trouble is your stuff is stuck several clicks away from the user AND in a browser. mProjector solves this problem beautifully.

mProjector publishes your Flash content to the Mac OSX and Windows desktop. Everything possible in Flash works on the desktop. And mProjector extends Flash ActionScript with powerful desktop classes enabling you to do things like create shortcuts, read and write to the hard drive, check for an internet connection, download files, and more.

So, for example, your application can launch at startup and pop a window when there's news. If your client is a ski area and the end-user is a snowboarder, they will both smile broadly when you show them you can pop a cool stylized "new snow" alert auto-magically on the desktop.

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