Purple Notes 4.6

Very simple, powerful and easy to use notes application.
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Sergey Bolshedvorsky
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Purple Notes is a very simple, powerful and easy to use notes application. The application uses iCloud for the data synchronisation between your iPhone, iPad and Mac. All data is stored on your devices.
It doesn't perform many things like other notes apps however it executes a few functions with grace: Application stores all notes as a rich text and allows text formatting It allows you to store images with your notes Application allows you to protect your notes with a password Application allows to create multiple notebooks for your notes Sort your notebooks in an alphabetical or in your own order Sort your notes by the modification date or in an alphabetical order Favourite your notes and access them from the favourites notebook Application supports the full text search Application allows you to share any of your notes via SMS or Email Application allows you to publish any of your notes on Facebook or Twitter Application creates automatic backups of all your notes and notebooks Application supports email, url, phone and address data detection Application uses iCloud for the notes synchronisation between any Purple Notes clients running on your other devices

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