Archetype Nolly 2.0

Try a plugin thar recreates Nolly’s own modified amplifiers.
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Archetype: Nolly is a pure distillation of Nolly’s custom-modded guitar amp collection, captured with maximum accuracy. There are very few things Nolly hasn’t experimented with in his quest for the perfect guitar tone, even teaching himself electronics to re-engineer his favorite amplifiers, modifying them to his exact requirements.

Four state-of-the-art tube amplifier models of Nolly’s own modified amplifiers are at the core of this plugin. They are perfectly captured for an uncannily natural feel, covering the vast tonal range the modern guitarist or producer requires in its entirety. The result is a crystal-clear Clean, a beautifully rich Crunch, a massive sounding Rhythm and a powerful and defined Lead.

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