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Allows performing various operations on a PostgreSQL database.
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PSequel allows performing various operations on a PostgreSQL database. In this respect, the application works as a graphic user interface that allows viewing and querying data from object-relational databases. PSequel lets you carry out such operations as managing and connecting to a database as well as creating tables and performing other basic SQL commands.

The application’s interface is not too different from those of other database managers. You can start by creating connections, which is a quite straightforward operation. It is only required to set the hostname and port number of the server as well as the credentials. Your connections will appear in the left-side panel from where you can easily activate them. The main screen also has a panel on the left, which displays all the tables in the opened database. Besides, you can easily switch from Data to Query view. Logically, the contents of the main working area depend on your choices.

In conclusion, there is not much to say about PSequel since most of its features depend on those available from PostgreSQL. One clear advantage is that, unlike other applications of the same type, it does not require installing third-party software, as it is not web-based or Java-based. Unfortunately, even its developer acknowledges that, since this product is still being developed, it may still have some problems. In fact, if you visit Github Issue Tracker, you will find multiple bug reports.

Pedro Castro
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  • Provides a straightforward interface to connect to PostgreSQL databases


  • May be buggy
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