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Design, test and build apps for multiple types of Android devices.
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Android Studio is intended for developing Android projects. It comes as a package including an integrated development environment, a set of SDK tools, a compiler and an emulator of the Android operating system. Fortunately, there is a huge community that support it. Besides, you can get the benefit of receiving support by Google and JetBrain to answer any question.

The application’s interface is nicely designed, with a layout that matches the development workflow. Luckily, there are wizards to help you design your project’s GUI. In this respect, it is possible to add constraints as a means of creating complex layouts. Likewise, you can preview the created layouts on different screen sizes.

Luckily, this tool’s code editor helps you increase your productivity and minimize mistakes by providing code completion for various languages, such as Java, C, C++ and Kotlin. There is also static code analysis, which helps you find possible bugs. It is excellent that your apps can be run on a simulation of the Android System, which can be adapted to multiple configurations. Thus, by doing this, you can save the time and effort you would otherwise spend on trying the app on the real device. Fortunately, Android Studio allows installing a Gradle plugin, which is flexible enough to allow building apps for different devices without needing to create various source projects.

Regrettably, compared with other similar applications, Android Studio does not allow different workspaces, which would facilitate working on various simultaneous projects. It may also feel too demanding in terms of system resources. In this regard, if your machine’s hardware is not very powerful, you may feel that the tool loads to slowly or affects working on other applications.

All in all, Android Studio has a well-deserved reputation of being the best IDE for developing Android apps. Luckily, it is cross-platform and open-source, so there are practically no budgetary or technical constraints that prevent you to use it.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports building apps for different screen sizes
  • Code completion for various languages
  • Allows simulating an Android system to try apps
  • Supports Gradle to build various types of apps from a single project
  • Cross-platform and open-source
  • Excellent help support


  • Demands a lot of system resources
  • Does not support working on separate workspaces
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