Power Manager

Power Manager 4.5

Reduce the running costs of your Macs.
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Power Manager helps you save energy by reducing the running costs of your Macs. The savings appear on your energy bills, and in the time you save by taking advantage of Power Manager's ability to automate back-ups and other repetitive tasks. Power Manager includes everything you need to save energy, time, and money. Power Manager augments Mac OS X's built-in energy saving capabilities. With Power Manager you can create an energy saving schedule that suits your needs. Unlike Mac OS X's Energy Saver, Power Manager can power on and off your Macs whenever you require. Power Manager provides a predictable and customisable sleep after inactivity task. No more wondering why your Mac is not sleeping after being left idle. Power Manager's inactivity task will put your Macs into a low power sleeping state in a predictable, timely, and energy efficient manner.
What's new in this version:
Worked around codesign bug affecting OS X 10.10 and earlier.

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