Power Manager

Power Manager

Reduce the running costs of your Macs.
Power Manager v5.5
05 Nov 2019
Power Manager v4.5
14 Dec 2015
Power Manager v4.1
2 Jul 2012

What's new

v4.1 [2 Jul 2012]
- New: Added support for OS X 10.8.
- New: Added support for Gatekeeper; signed installer and applications with Apple Developer ID.
- New: Replaced System Preference with stand-alone application.
- Change: Added QuickLook support to stand-alone application.
- Change: Added Spotlight support to stand-alone application.
- Change: Embedded Automator actions within stand-alone application.
- Change: Removed support for PowerPC (PPC) Macs.
- Change: Removed support for OS X 10.4 and 10.5.
- Change: Removal tool no longer suggests name and e-mail.
- Refined: Reduced size of and simplified self-signed certificate.
- Refined: Sped up AppleScript support and reduced memory use.
- Refined: Improved packaging; less packages and smaller file size.
- Refined: Added expiry date and revoke to licensing interface.
- API: listen.applysocket default changed to TLSv1; previously negotiated.
- Bug: Fixed bugs and potential memory leaks to improve stability.

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