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Get faster access to a calendar, directly from your Menu Bar.
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popCalendar is a program that comes as an alternative to using Mac's Calendar app for keeping track of future events and checking date information. Unlike Mac's default utility, popCalendar sits in your Menu Bar from where you can keep an eye on event details in monthly or yearly view.

Besides bringing you the Calendar app, macOS also displays time and date info. However, it doesn't let you check the info about other days from the current month or dates from the next year. This is why popCalendar is a better solution as it provides you with the aforementioned features and more. You can change the calendar appearance settings to match your requirements, display time and date details on your Menu Bar, configure the program to automatically launch at system login.

What's more, the app lets you define a global hotkey for immediately displaying the calendar screen on your desktop. You can also configure the program to import event data from Mac's Calendar app.

Unfortunately, popCalendar lacks the ability to create and manage events directly from its interface. Instead, the utility recommends you to use Mac's Calendar application to add and manage events.

All in all, popCalendar is a great app that gives you immediate access to a calendar and your event info, directly from your Menu Bar. It's worth giving it a try as long as the aforementioned flaw doesn't matter to you.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Minimum CPU usage
  • Communicates well with Mac's Calendar app
  • Lets you change the appearance of the calendar to match your needs


  • Lacks the ability to add events to dates directly from its interface
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